World Championships 2018 - Accommodation

In the close proximity of Alunda there is a few smaller accommodations. Hotels, hostels, cottages and camping sites are within 30 minutes distance and the communications are very good.

For information and booking we refer to:

Söderby Golfklubb

Gimo Herrgård

Gimo Hostel

Please contact for more information about Gimo Hostel

Villa Östhammar

Camping at Alunda Fotbollsgolf

There are also opportunities for accommodation close to the course. For campers or tent that would like to live close to the course. Desires regarding access to rooms in apartments or houses. Please contact for more information.

From season 2016 you will need a WFGA ID to register to tournaments. If you have ever played a tournament, you should already have an ID. It can be found on your profile page.
Next Upcoming Tournament Event
Austrian Open 2018
Soccerpark Salzburg, Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Apr 28 - Apr 30 (Sat - Mon)
World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 766.00
2. HANSEN, Ronnie 614.50
3. SANDFELD, Bent 609.50
4. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 501.25
5. STADLER, Marinus 486.50

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