Jeanette Hansen is the new World Champion
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Jeanette Hansen is the new World Champion

The women's World Cup had 26 players from 5 different countries. Last years winner Sandra Mayer from Germany, was not there to defend her title but a lot of other former world champions were represented. This years tournament started off on the B course at Varde footballgolf. It's a course with not so many obstacles but it's tricky and harder than it might look. The two Danish players Camilla Vangsgaard and Jeanette Hansen took the lead after the first round, closely followed by Swedish Julia Bergelind Nilsson. The second round was played on the A course. A course with more obstacles and longer holes. This course was better for German Laura Rollie who did the best round of the day with a -7 score and jumped up to a split fourth place with the Danish league, Jeanette Hansen, Mette Stisen and Britta Alminde. Julia Berglind Nilsson continued to play well and took the first place. Danish Tanja Kristiansen showed some great skills and made a hole in one on hole number 14 (par 4). This helped her to split the second place with Camilla Vangsgaard after the first day of the singles.

The second day and the third round was played at Filskov, starting with the B course. Here Mette Stisen made the best round of the day with -9 and took the first place. Extra noticeable, Jeanette Hansen made a hole in one on hole number 3 (par 3). Moving in to the last round the field was still open for many of the players. The last and fourth round was played at Filskov A course. This is a course where you need a lot of long kicks but there is also a lot of technical obstacles, and a lot of out of bounce sticks that can mess things up. Norwegian Ane Bjerke tried her best to catch up with the top field, and did that well, ending up with the best round of the day with +4. Before the mighty volcano (hole 18), Jeanette was in a three kick lead in front of Mette Stisen and six kicks ahead of Julia Berglind Nilsson. But Laura Rolli made the volcano in 2 kicks and secured the bronze medal just one kick before Julia. Jeanette had the gold. Jeanette was in the top five all the way through the tournament, she showed a lot of skill and played really good on all four courses! A big congratulations to Jeanette Hansen being crowned the new world champion, and of course to all the medalists!

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World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 968.00
2. SANDFELD, Bent 909.00
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 538.25
4. STADLER, Marinus 491.00
5. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 483.50

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