Saturday, 22 April 2017

Interview with Hans Niedermeier and Thomas Kirchberger

Finally, the long time of waiting for the new WFGA footballgolf season has an end and world class players Hans Biedermeier (Germany) and Thomas Kirchberger (Austria) already met in Inzell for a few practice rounds on the courses of the 2017 WFGA European Championships. The Players Council had a chance for a special interview.

WFGA PC: How was practice and what you are looking forward to the most for next season?

Thomas: Inzell is always worth the trip, because I like the course very much and the great scenery all around as well as the marvelous panorama. Referring to the game itself, I think I played very well on the Fun course with -19 and -16, but I still want to improve on the Premium course after scores of -7 and +1 this weekend. Of course it is a long time to go till the EC, but practicing with Hans is always a great experience, because his putts are awesome. In this part of the game he is one of the best in the footballgolf world.

Also I am looking forward to seeing all my friends again (from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech and Oleg) , who I got to know last year, because it was my first season last year. And Of course there is the home tournament in Salzburg, the Swedish Open and the WC in Denmark, as well as the EC in Inzell.

Hans: The training in Inzell went very well with fantastic weather. Thomas and I are in good trim after the winter break. I am looking forward to playing footballgolf at tournaments and in my spare time at close courses and courses far away with my friends.

WFGA PC: Thomas. After some good tournaments last year, the season 2017 is going to start with a home tournament at the 1. WFGA Austrian Openin Salzburg. What is your goal for the season opening?

Thomas: My goal is to play a decent tournament in Salzburg and of course, I am that honest, I want to reach a Top 5 position. I played many good rounds on that course form -5 to -8, but it is hard on a four round tournament, because every mistake will be punished immediately. So if I am between -4 and -8 after four rounds, it is a good result and we will see if it is enough for the podium. It depends on how the world class like Bollerup, Hansen, Niedermeier, Stadler and Sandfeld can deal with the course and if the locals, who play very well also, come to the tournament.

WFGA PC: Hans, your Nickname is not without a reason "Niedermeister". Although there are many younger competitors, you are not only one of the best players in Germany, but also had some great results at international tournaments. What are your goals for next season?

Hans: My goal is to play the tournaments as good as possible, to defend the second position behind Marinus Stadler in the German Ranking and to come closer to the Top ten in the WFGA World Ranking.

WFGA PC: Hans and Thomas. What do you appreciate the most from each other?

Hans: Thomas is always in a good mood. He is on the footballgolf course and outside of it a fair sportsman.

Thomas: I appreciate that Hans is a relaxed guy, very fit for his age and I love to play footballgolf with him, because it is very interesting and we have a good connection and a lot of austrian-bavarian fun called "Schmäh".
Moreover, Hans is only thinking about playing footballgolf and he is open-minded for new ideas, which can help the sport.

I think to develop the sport we have to be open-minded to new countries, courses, better rules and of course the most important part is the fun, which should not be affected by unnecessary conflicts.

WFGA PC: Hans and Thomas, thank you for your time and all the best and lots of "Schmäh" for your 2017 WFGA European Tour.

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