Hansen is double World Champion
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hansen is double World Champion

Report from the World Championships 2017 in Denmark – 4 days, 4 rounds, 4 different courses

The 11th edition of the WFGA’s season highlight were this year held in Denmark from July 3rd to July 7th. A historical uniqueness compared to the other tournaments: 4 different courses made the World Championships special for the 26 women and 92 men from 8 countries.

A lovingly cultured course with stunning greens welcomed the participants on the first day in Varde. For the first round, the players had to manage to play through a lot of obstacles on Varde’s A course. Tires, stones, walls and many more waited for the players to make their lives harder. 3 danish players in the men’s category handled this more than good and achieved the best score (-16). Bent Sandfeld, Jakob Nissen and Daniel Lund are the names of the happy ones to share the price for the best first round (75€).

The highlight of Varde’s B course was hole 4 - a water hazard. A small lake was designed to make the hole special. Not only a lake, but also a lot of trees and sticks needed to be passed in the „forest of footballgolf“. Marinus „The German Adler“ Stadler did not care about it. He played as if he had never done anything else and jumped in front of all the others. Not only the price for the best second round was secured for him, but also a commanding lead of 4 kicks before the move to Filskov.

As mentioned in the beginning, special to the World Championships was to play 4 rounds on 4 different courses, so that the players can forget about bad kicks after the first two rounds and enjoy the move to Filskov.

Two unique courses, which were in no way inferior to Varde’s courses, awaited the players to find a new world champion. Starting with the singles the men were ready to play 18 holes full of obstacles. To mention only some of them: a hanging tire in the air, a bucket, a 4 – 5 metres high wall and a lot of sticks and stones. As if this wasn’t enough everybody had to handle heavy winds. Until hole 18 Anders Bollerup managed all of it brilliantly, but the tricky net had upset his plans. Cause for celebration for Thomas Bjerregaard: He gained the price for the best third round and saved himself a tied second place only 1 shot behind the current world champion Ronnie Hansen, who never played the best round but always constant on a very high level. For the last round the local hero was now favourite for the title.

Before the final round could start there was another innovation of the WFGA’s tournament organisation team: the President’s Cup and the First Ladies Cup. The participants consisting of players who missed the cut and especially young players who did not take part in the world championships fighted for the historical first title. Lars Knudsen and Diana Hermansen were the happy winners. Congrats!

But now the grand final! The last time to assemble the forces, the last time to concentrate as much as you can. A thrilling final awaited the audience.

Marinus Stadler has already finished his round in the third to last flight with the daily best round of -11! He was now able to watch what the other players do on the key hole 18. Anders Bollerup was one of the next players aiming for the podium. Unfortunately again hole 18 became a dark chapter in the world’s number one‘s career. In the end Bollerup ended up on place 4. Therefore he saved his spot on top of the world ranking. Only seconds later the final flight arrived at the volcano. All the audience was silent, the tension was high as it could never be. Ronnie and Bent were still fighting for the highest title of our sport. Again Bent kept icecold and has put pressure on the current world champion Ronnie Hansen. But what could impress a world champion? He also kept his nerves and made the title perfect. He is the old and new world champion! With a total score of 236 kicks (-52) this is more than well deserved. Sandfeld is only two kicks behind, which is a total score of 238 kicks. The danish „dynamite“ could only be beaten by Germany’s number 1  Marinus Stadler who was only 3 kicks behind the world champion. Congratulations to all the winners! 3.000 DKK go to the world champion Ronnie Hansen, 2.000 DKK to Bent Sandfeld and 1.000 DKK to Marinus Stadler.

Last but not least we have to thank the WFGA’s tournament organisation team Ronnie Hansen and Corinna Dörrsam. Special thanks also to the course owners and their teams who made the world championships an amazing event! Thank you Ann-Cecilie and Bent (Varde) and thank you Louise and Bent (Filskov)! Also special thanks to Hans Arne Daugaard Hansen who made the ceremony a special event and Mette Hansen who controlled all the results with perfection.

Hope to see you soon again,


Sven Mayer


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World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 968.00
2. SANDFELD, Bent 909.00
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 538.25
4. STADLER, Marinus 491.00
5. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 483.50

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