Friday, 8 June 2018

Change in voting procedure

We have chosen to change the way of voting for this summers General Assembly. It is more fair. We have decided to devise a scale, based on the number of players per country as given in the players rankings on the WFGA-site .

• 10 or less players=1 vote,

• 11-20=2 votes,

• 21-30=3 votes,

• 31-40 = 4 votes,

• 41- 50 = 5 votes,

• 51-60 = 6 votes,

• 61-70= 7 votes,

• 71-80 = 8 votes,

• 81-90 = 9 votes,

• 91-100 = 10 votes,

• more than 100 then it is one vote pr. 10 members + 1.

• Eg. 109 = 11 votes and 157 members = 16 votes.

It is up to each nation how they want to distribute their number of votes. For example, if Norway are 5 representatives to the General Assembly and the nation has 4 votes one person may use all 4 votes or 4 people have one vote each.

Please consider if it is your call to work 2 years for the WFGA and try to develop the game we all love. We need more people. If we don’t get any good suggestions to future members of the WFGA there will be no organisation and no reason to vote. It is an exciting work and there are thousands of possibilities for a new board to make some changes. So bring all your good ideas and contact one of us if you want more info of what it takes.

Best Regards


From season 2016 you will need a WFGA ID to register to tournaments. If you have ever played a tournament, you should already have an ID. It can be found on your profile page.
World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 968.00
2. SANDFELD, Bent 909.00
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 538.25
4. STADLER, Marinus 491.00
5. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 483.50

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