Country Course Name Location
Ejsing Fodboldgolf Ejsing, Denmark
Gludsted Fodboldgolf Gludsted, Denmark
Hejnsvig Fodboldgolf Hejnsvig, Denmark
Himmerland Fodboldgolf Nørager, Denmark
Kolding Fodboldgolf Hejls, Denmark
Nordjysk Fodboldgolf Nørhalne, Denmark
Sørå Fodboldgolf Aså, Denmark
Sunds Fodboldgolf Sunds, Denmark
Varde / Filskov Fodboldgolf Varde / Filskov, Denmark
Varde Fodboldgolf Varde, Denmark
Vejle Fodboldgolf Vejle, Denmark
Vesterhavets Fodboldgolf Ulfborg, Denmark
Vestfyns Fodboldgolf Ebberup, Denmark
Vestjysk Fodboldgolf Outrup, Denmark
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  • City
  • Country
  • Exact location Longitude/Latitude
  • Presentation text
  • Accommodation suggestions to foreign guests
  • Travel information
  • Website URL
  • Number of holes on the course
  • Name of course owner
From season 2016 you will need a WFGA ID to register to tournaments. If you have ever played a tournament, you should already have an ID. It can be found on your profile page.
World Rank - Top 5
Pos Nation Player Name Points
1. BOLLERUP, Anders 945.25
2. SANDFELD, Bent 861.50
3. HANSEN, Ronnie 575.50
4. SECHER JENSEN, Simon 510.75
5. STADLER, Marinus 496.25

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